Denver Child Support Attorneys

A Child Support Lawyer Who Is With You All the Way

During your divorce, a Denver child support lawyer can help you calculate child support payments according to the Colorado state law and enforce those child support payments if need be. It does not matter if you or the other party is responsible for paying child support, we will be with you all the way. We will back you up in court, no matter what your situation is.

Colorado Child Support Guidelines

Contact our firm to find a child support lawyer to help you decide on a fair amount for child support during your divorce proceedings. A qualified attorney will gather financial documents, provide you with the appropriate records and help you prepare child support paperwork for the courts.

One thing to remember is that to calculate child support during divorce proceedings, your attorney will need all your financial information. Before you visit our offices, you need to bring the appropriate information to calculate child support. This includes your medical history, income statements, credit card or debit card, and tax returns. With this information, we can find out how much child support the responsible party should pay.

Divorce is difficult enough in itself. It can be especially emotional if you have to fight to support your children. You do not have to go through it alone in your battle.