Wrongful Death


When a loved one has died in a tragic accident or from the negligence of a medical professional, the tasks of daily life can take all the energy you have.

The idea of bringing a wrongful death lawsuit can seem overwhelming, but it may be essential.  It is vitally important you contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer to help you with the legal proceedings that follow.

A wrongful death lawsuit can help you and other surviving family members:

Pay outstanding debts and medical bills left after a personal injury

Make up for the wages your loved one would have earned

Pay for the services your family needs now that your loved one is no longer there to provide essential help

Find some level of justice by holding the other party accountable in court

A “wrongful death” occurs when a person has been killed by the negligence or wrong action of another person or a company.

In some cases it is very clear that someone else was at fault such as when a person dies from using a defective product or from a car accident or truck crash caused by another.

In other situations it may be ambiguous whether someone else was responsible.

These include situations when a person dies from negligence in a nursing home or from an injury suffered at birth.

These cases require careful investigation.