Auto Accident Lawyers in Denver, CO


At the Denver, Colorado, law office of Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C., our Denver auto accident lawyers help injured people get back on the road to financial recovery after a serious accident, and grieving families find justice for a loved one lost to a reckless or careless driver. Call our office at 303-567-7981 or 303-567-7982 or contact us online to schedule a initial consultation to learn how we can help you.

When possible, preserve evidence that can be used to prove your case. At Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, our Denver accident lawyers work with professional investigators to gather and review evidence. It can be helpful if you or a family member:

  • Gathers the names of witnesses at the scene. Memory is fickle and witnesses often cannot remember key information when a trial occurs months later. It’s best to have an investigator speak with them soon after the accident.
  • Ensures the damaged car or motorcycle is stored for examination. A defective part may have contributed to your accident or made your injuries more severe. The damaged vehicle can also provide valuable clues about speed, direction and other factors in the accident.
  • Takes photos of the accident scene as soon as possible. If road construction contributed to your accident, construction may end before your court case begins and your accident attorney in Denver, CO will no longer be able to assess blockages to your view or roadway problems.



If you’ve been injured in a car accident or an accident with an 18-wheeler, it’s important to seek the help of a knowledgeable Denver car accident attorney as soon as possible. Proving liability in your car accident case will require thorough investigation, locating witnesses and gathering evidence.

The Denver, CO injury lawyers at Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C., work with Heartland Investigative Group to establish the causes of accidents and injuries, from driver negligence to improperly designed cars, trucks or defective tires. Defective car parts can result in tire blowouts, tire tread separations and loss of control of a vehicle.

The second component of a successful personal injury lawsuit is helping the insurance company or the jury understand the severity of your injuries and the impact injuries will have on your life, now and into the future. At Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C., our Denver auto accident attorneys ensure that our clients see medical specialists who are knowledgeable about their specific injury, who can make an accurate diagnosis, and who can determine a rehabilitation plan.


If the driver who caused your accident did not carry insurance, or enough insurance to pay for the full extent of your injuries and expenses, you can probably file an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim on your own car insurance policy. You may also be able to file a civil suit to get money directly from the driver.

Do not sign any waivers or agreements until you’ve checked with your Denver accident attorney. If you are accepting a settlement for property damage, make sure it does not include your personal injury claim.

The insurance industry begins immediately to work against you in your motor vehicle accident claim, trying to minimize your injuries and shift responsibility to you. You can count on the car accident lawyers at Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C., to protect your interests and your rights to compensation should the other person be found at fault for your motor vehicle accident.


Car accidents are the most common cause of accidental injuries and fatalities in every state in the U.S., including Colorado. Automobile accidents change lives when accident victims suffer back and spinal cord injuries in rear-end crashes, traumatic brain injuries and closed head injuries in front-end collisions or fatal internal injuries. At Elkus, Sisson & Rosenstein, P.C., our Denver vehicle accident lawyers investigate every avenue of financial recovery after your motor vehicle crash. If you or a family member have suffered any kind of injury in an accident, contact an experienced and dedicated auto accident attorney in Denver, CO for a free legal consultation.