Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are often some of the most tragic automobile accidents there are.  They often involve children and/or large numbers of people depending on the they type of bus.

School buses are used in Colorado to transport thousands of kids everyday and while rare, there have been many cases of injuries and deaths related to Colorado school bus accidents.

Unfortunately, public transportation buses in Denver, the RTD, have also been the cause of many injuries and deaths.


Our attorneys have represented victims with injuries resulting from all types of bus accidents including the following:

Pedestrians hit by buses

Accidents caused by tire blowouts on buses

Collisions resulting from poorly maintained buses

Bus driver negligence

School bus accidents

Accidents caused by buses cutting off other vehicles

The cost of emergency room treatment coupled with physical therapy, surgery, and lost wages can be exorbitant.

When confronted with the damages, bus companies and their insurance companies are often not willing to pay these large sums.

If we cannot negotiate an equitable settlement, our lawyers do not hesitate to take the case to court to ask the jury for a reasonable award.