Birth Injury

The time just before and during childbirth is one of the most critical — and dangerous — periods in life.

So many things can go wrong. That’s why medical professionals receive highly specialized training to prepare them to detect and manage problems that can occur during this sensitive period.

Tragedies do happen, even with the best medical care available. But medical personnel should not contribute to tragedy through negligent acts or a failure to act on important information.

Some of the more common causes of birth injuries are:

Absence of team work and communication between members of the hospital staff

Deficiency of suitable orientation, preparation and training of the hospitals staff members

Lack of hospital staff experience and ability

Insufficient staff and unavailability of physicians

Inadequate fetal monitoring, can be due to lack of monitoring equipment in the hospital


It can be difficult to discern if your child’s injuries were caused by a medical condition, a difficult birth, negligence or other medical error. Your new baby’s needs — especially if your child has a serious birth injury — may take all of your time. We encourage you to talk to a skilled lawyer if you have any suspicions concerning your child’s birth injuries.

If we suspect you do have a claim, we will carefully and thoroughly review the medical information. We will consult medical experts to gain a clear understanding of proper, standard medical treatment for the situation you faced, and we’ll aggressively present your case in court, if necessary. We have helped families bring birth injury claims for:

Cerebral palsy when medical personnel did not act promptly when the baby’s oxygen supply was disturbed during birth

Shoulder dystocia

Failure to treat pregnancy complications

Failure to remove the child correctly, causing brachial plexus injury or shoulder dystocia

Failure to respond to a fetal monitor when it showed fetal distress, leading to oxygen deprivation and brain damage

Failure to promptly deliver a child when mother or child were in distress