Vehicular Manslaughter

Criminal charges in connection with a serious or fatal Colorado drunk driving accident are extremely serious and will always require the aggressive defense of an experienced Denver vehicular manslaughter lawyer.

Denver Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Your case will be immediately assigned to a team of Denver vehicular manslaughter attorneys, investigators and professionals who understand the hurdles of defending you against charges resulting from a drunk driving accident.

The tragedy of vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges and other serious DUI accidents is that nobody meant for a night out to end with a devastating accident. Frequently, these cases are tragic accidents.

Sometimes, the accident may have occurred regardless of whether a defendant had been drinking. In other cases, a defendant may not have been at fault in the accident but a determination that he or she was under the influence is all authorities at the scene needed to wrap up the investigation and cite a driver for being at fault in the crash.

Denver drunk driving accidents change lives. And huge numbers of serious and fatal accidents are blamed on drunk drivers – more than 600 in a recent year, according to the Colorado State Patrol, including nearly 200 deadly drunk driving crashes.

Prosecutors are rarely moved to make a deal in such cases, and instead typically move for lengthy sentences.

Judges are frequently willing to comply and the public is thought to be pleased about the harsh measure of justice that has been served. Somehow, the state is convinced that it wins if everyone loses.


Drunk Driving Defense

As we do with every case, our attorneys, investigators and staff members will thoroughly review the circumstances of your arrest, as well as the evidence collected by police. We will challenge probable cause for the traffic stop; the search and seizure of evidence; results of field sobriety tests and breathalyzer examinations; and the other conduct and circumstances of your accident.

By challenging the state’s case, through motions to suppress evidence or other means, we will work to have the drunk driving charge against you reduced or dismissed, or we will build a case capable of challenging the charge in court.

Denver DUI Accident Defense

Meanwhile, our team will thoroughly review the evidence collected by law enforcement at the scene of the crash. Just because you are charged with drunk driving, does not mean that you were responsible for the accident.

Drunk drivers can be accident victims, too. In some cases, we may even conduct our own accident reconstruction. The actions of the other driver; road conditions; missing or inoperable street signs, signals or lights; overgrown vegetation; and many other factors may be proven to have contributed to an accident.

If the state cannot prove that you were drunk, or that your actions were responsible for the accident, a charge of vehicular assault or vehicular homicide should be reduced or dismissed.