Resisting Arrest

Those charged with resisting arrest with violence in Colorado face a serious charge that carries the potential for serious legal consequences, while leaving a defendant open to a conviction that can impact his or her life for years to come.

Police Assault

We represent clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges of resisting arrest. Such charges can allege an arrest with violence or without violence. Or a charge can be as simple as the allegation that you failed to obey the instructions of a law enforcement officer.

A number of reports have found numerous states in which law enforcement officers frequently charge defendants with resisting arrest without violence.

In many cases, these charges will not result in a conviction in court – particularly if a defendant seeks the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney.

The reality is that police can charge you with just about anything. It’s what you are convicted of that matters.

Charges of resisting arrest with violence are typically more serious and may be charged as a felony. In such cases, seeking the advice of a qualified criminal defense attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

These are serious allegations often involving allegations that you assaulted or attempted to assault a police officer. Such charges are not often granted leniency by judges or prosecutors. Yet defendants are not always fairly charged by law enforcement officers.

An experienced attorney will review the facts and circumstances of your arrest and the allegation that violence was used during arrest.