Colorado Weapons Crime

Colorado Weapons Offenses/Concealed Firearms

Being convicted of a firearms offense in Colorado can have a dramatic impact on your rights to own firearms in the future and on your ability to hold certain jobs, including service in the military or as a law enforcement officer.

Firearms Charge

We understand the importance of aggressively fighting for the rights of clients to keep and bear arms. It is one of our most cherished constitutional rights.

Unfortunately, it is a right that a law enforcement officer may decide is not yours to assert. It is such overreaching by those who have firearms that is the primary reason gun rights have been so important since our nation’s founding.

Just since 2003 have citizens had the right to carry concealed weapons under Colorado’s concealed carry law. In some cases, citizens have been charged with carrying guns in restricted areas, such as schools, or facilities that are guarded by weapons screenings.

In other cases, the overreaching arm of law enforcement has slapped citizens with weapons violations despite the fact that they were well within their rights. These can be serious charges, which can not only lead to jail time, but can also result in the revocation of your right to carry a concealed firearm for the protection of you and your family.

In other cases, a client is charged with carrying a weapon despite lacking a concealed carry permit. Or with carrying or owning a weapon as a convicted felon or in violation of the terms of probation or other court supervision.

Defendants may also face violations for owning firearms, explosives or military surplus gear that is in violation of state or federal law.

In each of these cases, the common thread is that the government is attempting to limit your rights as a gun owner. Fortunately, gun rights advocates fight daily to ensure that most of the nation’s gun laws are broadly interpreted in favor of the gun owner.

However, failure to hire an aggressive and experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer often results in a weapons conviction on your permanent record.

Once you are convicted of a gun charge, significant and lifelong consequences will ensue. Being convicted of a felony can prevent you from owning guns in the future.

Violating a concealed carry permit can result in the revocation of your license. And having a gun violation on your record can prevent you from holding many types of jobs or occupational licenses, including those involved with law enforcement or the penal system.