Solicitation of a Minor

Solicitation of a minor in Colorado is among the most serious sex crimes involving children who can be alleged by police or prosecutors.

Those charged with solicitation of a minor face the threat of significant prison time and classification as a sex offender that will require registration with authorities upon their release.

Our attorneys know that such charge can ruin lives and devastate reputations and families. While some defendants quickly plead guilty to such charges, in an effort to put the incident behind them, we know that can be a big mistake that has lifelong consequences.

Additionally, conditions of release and sex offender registration can forever impact your quality of life, where you can live, what kind of work you can do and with whom you can spend your time. For instances, requirements can prevent you from having contact with children, which can make something as simple as going to the park a crime.

In short, few charges can be as disruptive or embarrassing as the allegations that you have acted inappropriately with a child. Our solicitation of a minor attorneys understand the need to protect your rights. Sometimes, that may include a quiet plea agreement or otherwise disposing of the charges.

In other cases, we may be able to seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges on your behalf. Or we may decide, after a thorough review and in consultation with you, that the charges should be fought in court.

In any event, hiring an experienced lawyer can have a positive impact on your case. With sex offenses, defendants face the added burden of lengthy probation and sex offender registration requirements.

We will work with you to argue against intrusive court mandates that will needlessly impact your quality of life or lead to the possibility of violations and additional legal problems in the future.

Regardless of the charge, if you are facing allegations of inappropriate conduct with a child, we encourage you to contact our office today to discuss your rights.

Even if you have not been charged or even if the case is still under investigation, having an aggressive and experienced law firm at your side at the earliest stage of a case can have a positive impact on the outcome and on your ability to protect your freedom, your reputation and your quality of life for years to come.