Lewd Acts Charge

Sometimes referred to as public nudity or indecent exposure, a charge of lewd acts in a public place can be an embarrassing intrusion of government into your life and private affairs.

Our lawyers understand such charges can be embarrassing and will explain the Colorado criminal law you have violated. And, while typically misdemeanors, a conviction on your record can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life and your ability to hold certain jobs or be involved in certain organizations, certainly those involving schools or children.

Lewd acts of public include:

  • Intentional exposure
  • Mooning or streaking
  • Unintentional exposure
  • Garment issues (wardrobe malfunction!)
  • Sex acts between consenting couples

While these cases may involve intentional exposure of the type we hear about where someone walks up to a stranger, they are much more likely to be innocent or inadvertent. College incidents, often fueled by alcohol, are one example. Other examples include skinny dipping in a hotel swimming pool or enjoying a romantic interlude that turns out to be less private than anticipated.

In still other cases, a wardrobe malfunction may be involved, as swimmers have been charged at public swimming pools. Charges of public nudity or indecent exposure may result. Each carries specific consequences. Often an officer does not choose a charge that best identifies the alleged circumstances, which can result in a defendant facing a tougher penalty.

Our lawyers know these charges often involve the overzealous reach of law enforcement or a lack of common sense. In the many cases not associated with intentional criminal activity, the problem becomes the fact that a conviction does not differentiate. If you are found guilty of lewd acts in public, it may have occurred with a girlfriend in a secluded park, but to a potential employer looking at your record it may as well have involved an overcoat and the local mall.

Those who quickly plead guilty in an effort to put an embarrassing incident behind them are forfeiting the possibility of beating the charge and keeping it off their criminal record. An experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyers can frequently negotiate for a reduce in charge. Disorderly conduct, for example, does not carry near the negative stigma as a charge of lewd acts or indecent exposure. In other cases a dismissal of the charge may be possible.