Juvenile Sex Offense

If your teenager is facing a juvenile sex crime in Colorado, we encourage you to consult an aggressive and experienced law firm as soon as possible.

You will need an attorney who understand the impact being accused or convicted of a sex crime can have on a young person’s future. The truth of the matter is that inappropriate sexual conduct between children is wrong.

But the tolerance – indeed the common sense – of law enforcement and school officials has grown so scant in recent years that a teenager may face the life-altering consequences of a sex crime for some truly silly infractions.

Teenagers texting pictures of themselves in various stages of nudity have been charged with distribution of child pornography.

Teenage boys have been charged with sexual assault under truly questionable circumstances. Date rape charges are alleged with little or no proof. And statutory rape allegations are made between teenagers and young adults.

Unfortunately, parents sometimes fail to take juvenile charges seriously enough, and this includes sex crimes. A conviction for a sex crime will not magically disappear in adulthood. Instead, teens may face sex offender reporting requirements and a conviction as a sex offender for the rest of their life.

Hiring a juvenile attorney can be critical for variety of reasons. Such cases often hinge on the testimony of the defendant and victim.

As such, it is not unusual for investigators to work statements about the crime out of a defendant, either by approaching in a friendly, confidential manner, or by making an arrest and attempting to scare a defendant into confessing. Teenagers can be particularly susceptible to falling for either tactic.

A defendant is not obligated to cooperate with law enforcement. And a teenager or his parents are not qualified to determine all of the possible consequences of making statements or providing other cooperation.