Possession With Intent to Sell

Just the amount of a controlled substance that you have in your possession can be enough to get you convicted of intent to distribute drug.

Fact is, if you’re caught with illegal drugs in Colorado, your home, your job, your freedom and your whole future can be lost.

You need to know what your legal options are, and you need a skilled defense attorney to represent you.

Drug Distribution Charges Lawyers

Our lawyers handle many types of cases involving drug-related offenses. Because charges involving intent to distribute drugs are extremely serious, you need a law firm that’s both experienced and aggressive.

Colorado law categorizes drugs on the basis of their potential for abuse, whether or not they have a recognized medical use, and other factors.

This system of classification is referred to as a schedule. If you are facing intent to distribute charges, it is likely that you were arrested with Schedule I or Schedule II drugs in your possession.

If you were carrying substances that were packaged in ways that suggest they could be sold conveniently, or if you had such paraphernalia as plastic bags or scales, then you might be charged with serious felonies punishable by lengthy imprisonment.

Although possession with intent to distribute controlled substances in Colorado is a very serious charge, it can be one that is challenging to prove.

Evidence is crucial, and only a careful review and analysis of your unique situation can reveal opportunities to question the strength of the charges against you.

For that kind of in-depth examination of the facts, you need the lawyers who have extensive experience in handling drug-related cases.