Drug Trafficking

Someone who transports illicit drugs may be called a “drug mule.” Mules usually work as couriers to smuggle drugs from one place to another.

That may involve hiding illegal substances on their bodies, in their cars, in purses, bags or in other ways.

Even if you don’t use drugs yourself, you can face serious criminal charges if you act as a courier, or drug mule, by transporting illegal substances for someone else.

Depending on what drugs you’re carrying and how much you have in your possession when caught, the penalties can be significant.

 Drug Mule | Drug Smuggling Defense

When you’re facing a criminal charge for transporting illegal drugs, you need the advice and guidance of a skilled attorney.  Unless you have knowledgeable defense attorneys representing you, your future could be at stake.

Our legal staff is ready to sit down with you to discuss your situation and the legal alternatives available to you.

The state of Colorado refers to illegal drugs as “controlled substances,” adopting the federal government’s system of schedules to categorize illegal drugs.

That classification system rates substances on the basis of their likelihood of abuse, whether or not they have accepted medical applications, their level of safety in use and other factors.

What you intend to do with controlled substances in your possession can greatly affect the charges that are brought against you.

So can the quantity and type of drugs you transport. In some cases, the amount of controlled substance you possess may make it possible for you to be charged with intent to distribute, even if you don’t plan to do that. The point is that circumstances matter.

Our experience encompasses all aspects of criminal law, and our expertise is built on successful handling of numerous drug-related cases.

Colorado law sets out the circumstances that define drug possession and related violations, stating that, except as otherwise specified:

” it is unlawful for any person knowingly to manufacture, dispense, sell, distribute, possess, or to possess with intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute a controlled substance; or induce, attempt to induce, or conspire with one or more other persons, to manufacture, dispense, sell, distribute, possess, or possess with intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute a controlled substance; or possess one or more chemicals or supplies or equipment with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.”