Severance Package

In Colorado, any time there’s a change in your employment status — whether you’re just hired or promoted — you can negotiate with your employer regarding benefit or severance packages.

You may be tempted to negotiate these packages on your own, but an employment attorney can help you get better benefit and severance packages than if you negotiated on your own.

Boulder Employee Benefit Package Attorneys

At Elkus and Sisson, P.C. our Denver employment lawyers are very familiar with Colorado employment laws and can help you review employment contracts to make sure you are getting the pay, benefits and severance you deserve.

If you’ve just been hired, you can get an employment lawyer to help you negotiate with your new employer on a variety of issues such as:

Benefit and Severance Packages

It’s a good idea to negotiate these packages with the help of our Denver severance package attorneys before you are hired for many reasons, including:

  • Using an attorney shows your employer you are serious about contracts
  • Seeing how your employer responds can show you how serious the employer is about hiring you
  • An attorney can help you find hidden clauses and explain details in your employment contract
  • You can get a more favorable benefit package, possibly including benefits that don’t expire after you leave the position
  • You might also be able to get a larger severance package that can go into effect even if you terminate your employment voluntarily
  • You can also be protected from losing wages in the event of layoffs

When You Leave a Company

You can also retain the services of an employment lawyer after your employment has been terminated. A Colorado employment attorney can help you negotiate with your former employer about many different issues, including:

  • Benefit and severance packages: Even if you didn’t negotiate these things in advance, you can still get benefits that won’t expire and a severance package once you’ve left a position if you have an experienced and aggressive employment lawyer on your side.
  • Additional compensation: You might be able to get bonuses to your severance package for things like being with the company for years or contributing to company’s success. An employment lawyer is a good tool to have when negotiating additional compensation.