Administrative Grievance

If you have filed or are thinking of filing an administrative grievance against your employer, you should retain the services of an employment attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney who is knowledgeable about all of Colorado’s employment laws can help you review and file your grievance with your employer or an appropriate government agency.

What Is an Administrative Grievance?

An administrative grievance is a written request for relief that is submitted by an employee or group of employees pertaining to a concern relating to the employment of the individuals. Administrative grievance procedures cover employees who are not members of a union or labor organization.

Employees belonging to a union or labor organization may file administrative grievances if the issue at hand is not covered by a Negotiated Grievance Procedure or if there is no Negotiated Grievance Procedure in effect at the time the administrative grievance is submitted.

Don’t Let Your Employer Intimidate You!

Employers or any other staff is prohibited from interfering with an employee’s filing of a grievance. Any act of restraint, coercion, discrimination or retaliation against an employee who files a grievance is illegal.

Employers or co-workers who commit any of these offenses could face severe disciplinary action as well as be in violation of employee laws. Any employee who provides information pertaining to a grievance is also similarly protected.

If you’re employed in Colorado and feel you are being subjected to unfair treatment because of a grievance you filed, talk to an experienced Colorado employee law attorney who has knowledge in administrative grievance procedures along with the experience in handling these types of cases.

You want a lawyer who is well versed in Colorado’s employee laws and how they pertain to your specific matter.

You need an employee law attorney who can clearly explain the laws in a manner you will understand and advise you of your rights under the law. Your attorney can examine how your grievance was handled to see if your employer violated any laws.

He or she can also choose the best course of action for you as well as advise you of other resources or government agencies you could reach out to for help.