Denver Employment Lawyers

If you are in a situation with your future, current or former employer in Colorado that involves employment laws, you need a seasoned Denver, CO attorney who is experienced in all aspects of employment law at the national and state levels.

Denver Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Our attorneys have this experience and dedication to their clients’ rights under employment law.

They can help you negotiate with employers, protect your employment rights, mediate employment disputes and hold employers accountable to discrimination and other employment laws.

Your experienced employment attorney from our firm can also help you in different stages of employment.

Before You Are Hired

A seasoned employment lawyer can help you in many different ways before you are hired with the following services:

  • Fighting discriminatory hiring practices based on gender, race, disability or sexual orientation
  • Negotiating benefit and severance packages in advance
  • Reviewing employment contracts
  • Explaining noncompete agreements and other employment agreements
  • Safeguarding your right to fair pay and benefits
  • Holding employers accountable to national and state employment laws

While You Are Working

An attorney with experience in employment law can also help you with employment law issues that arise after you are hired, including:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment free from discrimination
  • Protecting your civil rights on the job
  • Fighting discrimination in the workplace
  • Helping you prosecute whistleblower retaliation
  • Investigating consumer protection issues on the job
  • Negotiating leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act

After Employment Termination

You can also retain the services of a Colorado employment attorney after your employment has been terminated to help you with many different employment law matters, such as:

  • Fighting for compensation for wrongful termination
  • Negotiating benefit and severance packages after you leave a position
  • Helping retain benefits with COBRA
  • Examining noncompete agreements
  • Enforcing back pay and vacation pay that is owed to you after termination