Homeowner Association

When there is construction being performed on condos or townhomes, it can cause inconvenience for a number of families.

If work must be done on adjoining walls, shared walkways, driveways, or shared floors and ceilings, multiple families may be required to find another place to stay while the work is being performed.

If the work is being performed by a licensed contractor who is strictly adhering to construction law, the inconvenience can be very short lived and well worth it, but if construction defects are present, the inconvenience those families experienced could be seriously magnified. Improper installation of plumbing or electrical systems in condos and townhomes can not only lead to headaches for the homeowners association, but construction defects can put a number of families at risk of injury and financial damages.

Leaks from improperly installed pipes can lead to wood rot, which can weaken the framing and pave the way for a possible structural failure. Poor electrical connections can result in serious fires. If a contractor performing work in condos or townhomes doesn’t pay close attention to construction law and doesn’t use the appropriate materials for the task being performed, he or she could cause serious damage to several homes or cause serious injury to any number of inhabitants.

If you’ve recently had work performed on your townhome or condo and there are any signs of construction defects with any of the work performed, you should immediately inform the homeowners association and reach out to an experienced lawyer at Elkus & Sisson, P.C