Residential Construction

Construction Litigation: What Homeowners Need to Know

Construction litigation is the branch of law that deals with defects in the construction of commercial and private homes. Construction defects can cause financial loss due to repairs or personal injuries to homeowners, and an attorney experienced in construction litigation can help them get compensation for this loss.

Our attorneys can help Colorado homeowners recover damages from negligent construction companies for problems caused by construction defects such as:

Soil settling and improper drainage

Defective construction materials

Leaky roofs due to improper installation

Unsafe structures like decks or balconies

Faulty electrical or plumbing systems

Building code violations

Warranty violations

These kinds of construction defects can cause financial loss to the owner of the property through repair costs or medical expenses due to an accident incurred on the property.

In construction litigation, your attorney will go after the parties that are financially responsible for these kinds of construction defects. This can be the construction company that performed the construction on your property or the homeowners insurance company that refuses to compensate you for damages or medical expenses.