Mechanic’s Lien

If you need construction lien lawyers to represent you in a mechanic’s lien claim you can trust the services of Elkus & Sisson, PC, who has expertly aided Colorado companies as construction lien attorneys in all aspects of contractor claims.

A construction dispute lawyer becomes necessary in a construction lien claim to guide you through the complicated payment claims and the demanding and precise process involved.

Colorado mechanic’s lien claims require strict compliance with C.R.S. § 38-22-101, et seq. and any failure to meet the requirements of the statute will potentially defeat the lien claim.

The Notice of Intent to Claim a Lien claim form should be completed in detail, referencing the legal description and address of the property, the contract for which payment is sought, and the precise amount of the lien amount claimed.

Mistakes or omissions in address, legal description, the basis for the claim, signatures, notaries, and/or the exact amount owed on the claim can all become issues that jeopardize the claim.

It is best to have a knowledgeable attorney review the completed form for technical compliance before serving it by mail or in person on the general contractor and owner.