Home Construction Defect

Whenever there is a great deal of new construction or repair work being performed on a number of single family homes throughout a neighborhood, there is a greater chance for construction defects.

In order to complete jobs in a faster manner and save money on individual projects, some contractors may be willing to cut corners and not strictly adhere to construction law, which can result in serious problems for the homeowners in the community.

There are many different construction defects that are common on single family homes and in neighborhoods, including:

Drainage and grading defects

Contractor negligence

Improperly installed walkways

Faulty road construction

Roof defects

Structural damage and imperfections

Exterior defects

When multiple units are built in the same area, particular attention must be paid to proper grading and drainage to avoid the possibility of one home taking on a serious amount of water being directed away from the surrounding homes.

Improper attention to grading and drainage can result in the development of mold inside a home and eventually lead to wood rot that could affect the stability of the framing.

Even if a single builder is overloaded with work, he or she still has the responsibility of following construction law to ensure that each and every job is completed in the appropriate manner.

When builders begin to cut corners to save time on projects and construction defects result, the homeowners could be at risk for both financial problems and the possibility of injuries.